Family Photo Prep

Welcome! We're so honored to be invited to document your family, and we can't wait to tell the story of your lives together as they are now. To kick things off we've put together this handy guide with suggestions and FAQs as we plan for your shoot.

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Here it is, our ultimate goal: we want your family session to be about more than just making images. Time moves so quickly, especially with growing kiddos. We see the process of making photos as an opportunity to take a break from the busy-ness of everyday life, allowing you to pause and reconnect. We want to help you hold a little piece of this time still, making not just photos but also memories together.

How do we do this? It's simple: by getting your focus off of the camera! We'll crack some jokes, ask lots of questions, play games, give you breathing room - really anything to get your focus onto each other and your lives together. 

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“Where should we shoot?”, you ask. We primarily focus on Day in the Life sessions, where we take a documentary-style approach to telling your story in a natural environment such as your home or a place where you most commonly spend time together. We're passionate about documenting real personalities, quirks, and true stories, and we find Day in the Life sessions allow us to do this the very best. We'll get the classic "everyone smiling at the camera" shot, but our goal is to go beyond this to capture something a bit more honest, candid, and meaningful.

An added perk of in-home sessions: kids are generally more comfortable and relaxed in their own environment (hooray for less tantrums)! Weather is also less of an issue, and we can avoid crowded popular areas with lots of distractions.

One helpful trick is to think of your session as a story, rather than a collection of disconnected images in various locations. What does your time together really look like, and what setting can best convey that? Maybe it's Sunday pancakes, a trip to the ice cream shop, bath time for baby, the first days of parenting a newborn at home, or a stroll around the neighborhood park. Think traditions, unique hobbies, or shared bonding activities. We are always game for new locations and concepts, and we’re here to help brainstorm if you’re stumped!

If you're looking for a more traditional type of photo session, our studio in Northeast is perfect for hosting families as well.

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Depending on the time of year, we can conduct shoots on weekdays or Sundays, as most of our Saturdays are reserved for weddings. We can make any season work, especially for in-home sessions.

As for time of day, for younger ages we highly recommend mornings. It's most important to shoot whenever fits in best with your kids' routines  - ideally when they are typically most alert, active, and happy, and not right before their usual nap or eating time.

Session length will depend most on kids' age and attention span. Most sessions only take about an hour, but we schedule two-hour blocks in case of tantrums, travel time, breaks for food, etc.

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Our number one tip: be yourselves, and be comfortable! Overall, we recommend wearing things you typically wear. Too many changes can interrupt the flow of a session, so plan to keep number of outfits to a minimum (ideally 1 or 2 only).

Outside of that, between individuals opt for "complimentary, but not matchy-matchy". Avoid loud patterns, text/graphics/logos, and very bright colors - neons especially read strange in camera, and can reflect weird colors on your face. These will distract from the people in the photos, so we encourage neutrals or bold colors like navy or maroon. More generally: think of how colors will work in an overall scene, and how much an outfit "makes sense" in that environment - this will help the photos feel most cohesive.

Joe will also help you plan outfits during your phone meeting!

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We'd love to hear your thoughts! Before each new session we'll schedule your phone consult with Joe to discuss concepts, answer any questions, and get to know a bit more about your family. Outside of that, please feel free to reach out with any other questions or ideas about your shoot!

We are so excited to create an experience with you, and to ultimately capture memories of your family for you to cherish forever. We can't thank you enough for trusting us to do so.

See you soon!
Joe and Jen